zondag 17 juni 2012

Pre-Birhtday GIFTS - in Alice in Wonderland style!!! -LUCKY ME!!!

Today Sandra (you need to check out her blog!!) and I had a creative-card making afternoon together in her amazing craft studio at her home and it was super fun! I came in and there was a huge package for my birthday which made me feel very very special!!
Recently Sandra already got me an amazing iPhone, because I needed to have one to (she said), and it is true. I am totally addicted to my Beautiful iPhone, so that is such a huge present to get! She couldn't wait giving me this gift, so I already got it and today I even got more amazing presents and some beautiful, truly beautiful handmade craft project gifts, I felt so special to get these beautiful handmade gifts!

Lately I am totally into Alice in Wonderland, because of the altered alice (which challenges I adore to work with) and my favorite Alice in Wonderland stamps...Oh my... Wonderland is such a super fun theme! So Sandra worked out here card and handmade gifts with this theme.
Since I was a little girl I love the Eiffel Tower, it is like magic to me. And Sandra also created an Eiffel Tower box, which is the best box every, so BEAUTIFUL!! You just need to see this!!

There even was an cute pons set in the package:
Martha Stewart Punch Around The Page Bubble Bath
And a cake baking/cup cake making magazine and lots and lots of candy!!!

 I've put it all on my table in the living room... what a beauty

 Do you see the little beautiful details, I'm turning 32 and the cards are hanging out in the tree, HOW CUTE IS THIS!!

 This is such a beautiful Eiffel Tower box, It's on my fire place and looking fantastic over there!

And last week I've got this beautiful present of other friends, I received this fun digital Alice in Wonderland story, with a booklet full of beautiful pictures

This Wednesday I am turning 32.... Sssttt.... 

The Octopode Factory Friday Challenge - Happy Birthday

The theme is "Happy Birthday" for this challenge. This is my favourite stamp ever, I've used it a lot and it is so much fun to work with this stamp again and again! I also love to give her a dress and I've made several dresses for her! I've put some glitters on the edges of the card and made a banner

Come and play along to!