The Alice in Wonderland Doll House Project

My mother had a doll house made by her father and she played with it when she was little. When I was little, I played with this doll house to. The years past by and in the meanwhile the doll house was left at the attic of my parents and during the years all the interior was gone.
Some times ago I found the doll house and remembered all the fun times I've had with it and of course I didn't like to left it on the attic.

Lately I am totally into the "Alice in Wonderland" theme, this all started with the "Altered Alice Blog", which challenges I absolutely love (you need to see this blog!!). Suddenly the idea came to make an Alice in Wonderland Doll House with the basic doll house made by my grandfather... How special is that!

During the process I will post pictures of it over here. I am a busy lady so it will take some time to have it all done and I also want to take the time to make something really special out of it.
By the way, I've never did a doll house before, so this is completely new for me. 

Enjoy watching my creative doll house journey.

 And No, it is not a dog house, some people thought it was a dog house, but it was designed to be a doll house...(LOL)
 I've painted it hard pink and made two parts of it so I have 4 rooms to decorate and now I am able to take a good look inside.

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  1. Hi Leintje! Just stopping by to say "hi" and to tell you I love this project! Hope all is well with you.